How to submit a theme?

Submit your Jekyll theme by sending an email to the below address with the following information.

Repository link:
Demo link:
Attach theme screenshot(400x320px).

Email: [email protected]

  Please submit themes with generic content. Personal or commercial websites are not accepted.

  Report any issue or link change to the same email address.

Add a shield

Once the theme is updated on Jekyll Themes, add this shield at the top of your theme’s README file.

Jekyll Themes Shield

<a href="">
    <img src="" height="20" alt="Jekyll Themes Shield" loading="lazy">

Use absolute image URLs

While providing screenshots in the file of your theme’s GitHub repo, use absolute URLs.

Relative URL: /images/an-image.jpg

Absolute URL:

Add a donate option

If you are the developer of a free theme then add a donate button in your README file. Jekyll Themes fetches the README content as-is and renders it in the theme page.