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Markdown Format

Markdown is much simpler than HTML. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use syntax for styling your writing. Markdown files has a file extension of .md. To learn more about Markdown, check this cheat sheet.

Static Site Generators

Static sites are generally faster than dynamic sites, hence the popularity of static site generators. GitHub pages make use of the Jekyll static site generator. Visit Jamstock to check the list of popular static site generators.

I have another site that was created using DropPages, a static site generator for Dropbox.

Multiple pages in GitHub Pages

In order to add additional pages that matches your theme you need to do some tinkering. Check out this page to learn how to create multiple pages in GitHub. Alternatively, you can create additional repositories with individual pages and link all of them.


A theme is a predefined design for use in your webpage. Jekyll has the following available themes to choose from:

To change the theme to time-machine, edit the _config.yml file and modify the theme to:

theme: jekyll-theme-time-machine

Custom Theme

You can create your own custom theme but they involve some work of course. Check out whoisjuan.github.io for an example. Check this blog to learn more about using other themes in GitHub pages.

About Me

  • Husband, father and pro-pet
  • Computer Teacher and IT Professional
  • Google Certified Educator (GCE)
  • Edmodo Certified Educator (ECE)
  • Mikrotik Certified Routing Engineer (MCRE)
  • Mikrotik Certified User Management Engineer (MCUME)
  • Mikrotik Certified Network Administrator (MCNA)
  • Moodler, Edmodo Certified Educator, ExtJS front-end developer, Full-stack developer, Linux lover
  • Former Admission and Aid Director, Ateneo de Naga University Junior High School
  • Former Registrar, Ateneo de Naga University Junior High School
  • Former Chair Person, Computer Department, Ateneo de Naga University Junior High School
  • Former Chair Person, Computer Science Department, UST-Legazpi (formerly AUL)
  • Former Math & Computer Teacher, Saint Agnes Academy of Legazpi

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