A jekyll static page wiki theme, used to implement the Civ13's wiki. Uses markdown for pages and pull requests for edits.

Civ13 Wiki

Access it here

it's a modular and fully featured wiki powered by git-wiki-theme for Jekyll, github pages and pull-requests!


  • Improvements in the cooperative aspect: forks, pull-requests and roles.
  • You can customize your wiki as you want with style sheets and even changing the layout. (see customization section below)
  • No databases! Only static files that can be downloaded in a few seconds.
  • Blazing fast and free thankfully to Github/Gitlab Pages and Jekyll Server Side Generation process!
  • Markdown and html mixed together!
  • Multiple free search engines! on a static site!
  • History, revision comparison and everything you need from a wiki platform.
  • You can edit your pages with the standard git editor, (integrated) or any kind of editor you prefer.
  • Non-existent wiki page links are "red", you can click on them to automatically create a new page!
  • External links get the right icon automatically.
  • Component system with hooks that allows you to totally customize your wiki UI. (see customization documentation here)
  • Automatic generated TOC
  • You can download the entire wiki for offline usage and even navigate directly using a markdown reader

Instructions and full documentation:

Icons made by Freepik and ultimatearm from