ContinualAI - Jekyll Website now DEPRECATED

We moved to GitBook. If you want to help us maintain the new website, please send and email to

Continual AI is the first hub on Continual / Lifelong Deep Learning in AI! :-) The aim of the project is to provide a starting point for researchers, developers and AI enthusiasts who share an interest or are willing to learn more and/or contribute to Continual / Lifelong Learning. We are building an open-source, collaborative wiki at as well as creating a community of CL enthusiasts! Join us today on slack! :D

How to contribute

  1. Star the project :-)

  2. Join our community on Slack:

  3. Start making changes to the *.md files from the browser (use the 'Preview' button)

  4. Commit the changes!

How to contribute (like a pro)

  1. Star the project :-)

  2. Join our community on Slack:

  3. Fork the repo on GitHub and clone it locally

  4. Enter the folder:

    cd website-wiki

  5. If you don't have gem and bundler installed:

    apt-get install rubygems
    gem install bundler

  6. Install Ruby gems:

    bundle install

  7. Start Jekyll server:

    jekyll serve --incremental

  8. Now you can start making changes on the see the result in your browser at http://localhost:4000/

  9. Make a Pull Request (with only the .md or original .html files)! :D

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