A Bootstrap clone of the popular Hyde theme for Jekyll.

RLStevenson - Bootstrap Clone of Hyde

RLStevenson was built for people who like the original Jekyll theme Hyde but would like to use Bootstrap.

The theme was built from an empty Bootstrap 3 template with the goal of easy modification for end users. The code is as simple as possible - clearly formatted HTML and a single stylesheet. It's a two column responsive design and currently includes version 3.3.7 of Bootstrap.

Pull requests are welcome.


Add this line to your Jekyll site's Gemfile:

gem "rlstevenson-jekyll-theme"

And add this line to your Jekyll site:

theme: rlstevenson-jekyll-theme

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install rlstevenson-jekyll-theme

The Ruby Gem page is here: rlstevenson-jekyll-theme

Usage & Config Options

There are a number of options you can set in your _config.yml file.

The description variable will appear after the Title of your site in your <title> meta tag:

description: 'A two coloumn blog theme built with Bootstrap for Jekyll.'

The description variable will also appear below the title in your sidebar.

The freetext will appear in a free paragraph below the Title & sidebarDescription and above the menu links. Set it to "" if you don't want it.

freetext: 'A optional paragraph of free text. Set to blank in _config.yml to clear...'

Take a look at _data/menu.yml file to see how you can add menu items to your sidebar.


Simply set the paginate: option in your _config.yml file to the number of articles you want to show per page. You may need to use the bundle install command with Jekyll 3 to make sure you have the jekyll-paginate gem.

Alternatively you can disable pagination by not including the paginate: option.

Color Schemes

In keeping with our attempt to replicate the original Hyde in Bootstrap we've included some colour scheme options. These are not the same as in the original, but we used palettes from the same Base16 project.

Using a theme is as simple as changing the colorscheme param in your _config.yml.

The themes are:

  • Dark Brown (colorscheme: 'scheme-darkbrown')
  • Light Brown (colorscheme: 'scheme-lightbrown')
  • Green (colorscheme: 'scheme-green')
  • Orange (colorscheme: 'scheme-orange')
  • Slate (colorscheme: 'scheme-slate')

And then a bonus theme that isn't from Base16:

  • Gulf Racing (colorscheme: 'scheme-gulfracing')

Creating Your Own Color Scheme

To create your own custom color scheme simply scroll to the end of the rlstevenson.scss stylesheet in the _sass folder and edit the template we've left there.

We'll happily accept pull requests for quality color schemes.


This theme supports GA & Piwik integration.

For Google Analytics, simply set your UA number in your _config.yml file. Example:

ga:        'UA-123-456'

For Piwik, use the following two variables:

piwikSiteID:    ''
piwikURL:    ''

Example Config

Here is a full example _config.yml:

# RLStevenson Theme Options

title:        RLStevenson
description:    'A Bootstrap based clone of the Hyde theme by mdo.'
freetext:    'Released under an MIT license - feel free to make pull requests.'
url:        /
baseurl:    /
paginate:    5
version:    0.1.0
colorscheme:    scheme-lightbrown

ga:        'UA-123-456'
piwikSiteID:    ''
piwikURL:    ''

 url:        https://www.exchangerate-api.com
 name:        'ExchangeRate-API'

gems:        [jekyll-paginate]

exclude:    ['README.md', 'Gemfile.lock', 'Gemfile', 'rlstevenson.gemspec']



RLStevenson Uses Bootstrap


Inspired By

Mark Otto - creator of the Hyde theme


Bug reports and pull requests are welcomed.


The theme is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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