CV template for Jekyll static site generator

Jekyll template for a simple cover page / unofficial cv



Running locally

  1. Fork and clone this repository
  2. Install Jekyll gem install jekyll
  3. Run make serve
  4. Customize your content
  5. Run make dist

make serve runs jekyll serve -w command that enables live reload on editing the content

make dist runs git subtree push --prefix _site origin gh-pages to publish your generated site under _site folder to gh-pages.


The template can be mainly customized by writing posts under _posts folder following Jekyll's guidelines for posts, and editing _config.yml. Each post is meant for one item of something, be it something about education or work experience. A post consists of a yaml front matter block and a content sections. For example:

category: "language"
name: English
level: Full working profiency
value: 90%

I sometimes have trouble pronouncing squirrel.

Posts are ordered by category AND by file name. Jekyll posts follow the naming format of YYYY-MM-DD-{unique-name}.md, sorting newest date to the top. So if you have three nodes in your work history you will want the latest to be closes to the current date and the oldest to be the furthest. Actual date in the post names doesn't matter at all, just the order.


In the _config.yml file you can change section header texts to your suiting.

Sidebar is for showing business card like information about yourself.

Gets it's data from _config.yml. Currently customizable fields that are shown in sidebar are:

  • name
  • email
  • address
  • phone
  • date of birth
  • image
  • title
  • github username
  • linkedin url
  • twitter handle
  • description

If you don't want to show or use these just leave them empty. More fields can be added in _includes/sidebar.html


Intented to be an introductory first summary of you. It shows your name, your title and a short abstract. Abstract, name and title are customized in _config.yml


Displays your work history. Each node of the history is a single file in the _posts folder. Every experience post has experience as the value of category variable. In addition to category, experience posts need also duration, title and company variables in order to be shown properly. For example:

category: "experience"
duration: Jan. 2011 - Aug. 2013
title: Awesomness Specialist
company: Specialists Incorporated

After these you can write a summary about the experience in question. Content of these variables except for category is free, you can write anything you wish in them.


Similar to experience. Each node is a file in the _posts folder. Different variables though.

category: "education"
duration: Sep. 2004 - Aug. 2007
institution: High school of botteled sexual frustration
degree: High something something?


Similar with the others, only here value variable defines where the progress line and dot will be drawn and it has to be a percentage number like 50%.

category: "skill"
name: HerpaDerping
level: professional
value: 50%


Exactly the same as skills.

category: "language"
name: Swahili
level: Beginner
value: 3%


Project differs from the others slightly by having conditional repository urls. If repo and repo_url are given a link with the repo icon will be displayed next to project name. Icons are limited to the icons provided by Font Awesome, currently they have icons for at least github and bitbucket.

category: "project"
name: Online CV
repo: github


Only has category and name variables.

category: "hobby"
name: Inventing bad puns


Currently the project only supports one layout, but several color templates. Colors are picked from

You can change the theme by changing the theme: theme-ocean-orange line in _config.yml file. It translates into a class of the body tag for the site. Editing different themes happens in the _sass/themes.scss file.

Current themes are:

  • theme-greyscale
  • theme-default-red
  • theme-default-orange
  • theme-default-green
  • theme-default-blue
  • theme-twilight-red
  • theme-twilight-orange
  • theme-twilight-green
  • theme-twilight-blue
  • theme-sulphur-red
  • theme-sulphur-orange
  • theme-sulphur-green
  • theme-sulphur-blue
  • theme-ocean-red
  • theme-ocean-orange
  • theme-ocean-green
  • theme-ocean-blue