Responsive Github Pages (Jekyll) CV Template

Responsive CV Template [Built for Github Pages in Jekyll]

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Try it out

  1. Fork & Clone the repository
  2. Customize your content
  3. Set your 'Github Pages' branch on your Repo's settings
  4. Enter your brand new site :)


The template can be mainly customized by writing under the _collections subfolders & the page. They all contain all the available parameters that the template supports, on your very own forked version :)


Feel free to edit some preset texts under _layouts/default.html.

The sidebar contains all of the sections (X_section variables) set under _config.yml. Simple change the value to zero in order to disable them (or anything else to activate).

Content Types

The template currently contains Experience | Education | Projects | Skills | Awards/Certificates sections. Feel free to add your own & submit them to the repo for others to use / Request some others by opening a thread on this repo :)


MIT & Thanks to Bootstrap( & StartBootstrap( for the design :]