The jekyll website repository of the EuRuKo 2011

This is the EuRuKo 2011 Website

It has very interesting publication/collaboration possibilities. Authors are collaborators to this repository, they can just push to publish changes.

The server is constantly pulling from this repository. A Jekyll process, takes care to generate a static version of the site. All static files are served by a Nginx webserver.

Rake tasks

There is a rake task that will get you up & writing:

rake post title="Your title in here"

It will create a new file with an apropriate filename and YAML front matter.


Forking and sending pull requests to improve the website is highly appreciated.


Just do it (if you are collaborator to this repository):

git push

Serving the website locally

You can do this by cloning this repository and running Jekyll:

git clone git://

cd euruko2011_website

jekyll --server

open http://localhost:4000/

Editing stylesheets

Edit in sass/*.scss only, run:

bundle exec compass watch

to compile Sass sources to CSS files.

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