write Jekyll blog posts sources with embed assets


This GruntJS plugin allow to use Jekyll as a static blog engine with a custom post files organisation wich allow to save assets within post's source file.


module.exports = function (grunt) {
        'jekyll-writer': {
            source: 'articles',
            dest: 'jekyll',
            assetsPath: 'posts-assets'
    grunt.registerTask('default', ['jekyll-writer']);


This is where your Writer's sources are stored.

NOTE: read the Writer's folder structure chapter to learn how you can arrange post's sources with Writer.


This is your Jekyll instance folder.

Note: both _posts and assets folder will be overridden by Writer process.


It's the name of the folder that will host post's assest in the generated website.

Run & Watch

// just copy articles to Jekyll
grunt jekyll-writer

// run a blogging session and serve the blog
grunt jekyll-writer --watch

Writer's Folder Structure

In Writer each post is represented by a folder so within that folder you can store any post's related assets.

The folder's name will be used as page url by Jekill.

  • my-first-article/
    • article.yml
    • image.jpg

This file contains the Markdown content for your article.


This file contains the Front Matter information for your article.

linking article's assets

You can link any article assets from within the article source file using an explicit relative url.