A Jekyll Theme for your portfolio.

Portfolio Theme

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Installing DarkFolio

Option 1: Install From GitHub

  1. Fork DarkFolio on the github repo
  2. Rename your new repo how you would like.
  3. Download the repo using git clone https://github.com/your username/repo name [e.g. git clone https://github.com/redyetidev/DarkFolio].

Option 2: Install From bundler

  • If you are installing this theme on a already setup site, skip step 1
  1. run jekyll new site_name, replaceing site_name with the site name.
  2. Open the _config.yml file in the newly generated folder.
  3. Add the following line anywhere in the _config.yml file
    theme: DarkFolio
  4. Run bundle in the terminal from within the directory

Editing the _config.yml file

Below is the data we will go over. If this is not in your _config.yml file, it is OK.


  description: >



  permalink: /:title/

The title variable is for the title of your page.

The author variable is for the author of your page, you can also put a project name here.

The avatar is the image to display on the main page.

The name_color is the color of the author's name.

The baseurl is the path to the site, if you are running this at http://www.example.com/DarkFolio, baseurl would be DarkFolio. if you are running this at the root of your page, like http://www.example.com, don't include baseurl in your _config.yml

The email is optional, as it is not used yet.

The about is for a few sentences about you or the project. you can use HTML elements in it like <br> or <strong>.

The description is if you want to put your site on google. It would be the little bit of text shown.


For each project you have, you add the following to the projects js - { name: "Project", repo: "Project Repo", image: "Project Image", website: "Website", package: "Package", details: "Description" } The name,repo,image, and details are all required. name is the name of the project, repo is the repo, [e.g https://github.com/username/repo]. image is the image display for your repo, and details is a small paragraph about your project.

The optional parameters, website and package are for your projects homepage and package [e.g. https://npmjs.com/package/your_package_name].

github within social_links is for your github username, if you want, you can use a repo by putting username/repo as github

permalink is not for modification.

Creating Posts

To create a post, add a file to the _posts directory named YYYY-MM-DD-TITLE.md, YYYY-MM-DD is the date. Y is year, M is month, and D is day. The TITLE is just for the path. Set it something short, like Welcome, or something long like Did-you-know-that-when-you-put-1-and-1-together-it-makes-2.

Within the file, add the following to the top:

layout: post

The title is the displayed title for the post. The description is a small summary about the project. The image is the display image. The layout is not for modification.

Below the yaml added to the top, you can add your post content using markdown.