A Jekyll Template for the Pillar Bootstrap 4 Theme by xriley

Bootstrap 4 Resume/CV Template for Developers

The Pillar Resume Template as a Jekyll site

This is a modification to the Pillar Bootstrap 4 Theme. It has been converted to use the Jekyll static site builder. This allows you to host your Résumé on Github.com or other static hosting services.

Located in the _data directory is a yml file that is broken into sections.

  • bio
    • Top section with your contact information
  • summary
    • A full-column section to decribe yourself
  • history
    • Your work history
  • skills
    • The different skills, languages, and technolody you use
    • Broken down into Frontend, Backend, and Other
      • If you exclude any of these sections, the heading will not be displayed
  • education
    • Where you went to college, if you did
  • awards
    • Any rewards you received for your work
  • languages
    • The languages you speak or write
  • interests
    • Things that interest you
  • organizations
    • Different organizations you are in volved with
    • Could be volunteer or professional groups

The nice thing about this theme is that is looks pretty good printed right out of the boxes. However, you might be tempted to add a lot of detail on your work history since you have infinite vertical scrolling. To combat the printer fatigue, you can use pure HTML in your descriptions and use Bootstrap 4's media queries to exclude some content when your resume is printed.

You can see some example of this in the data for my Resume. I include sections of HTML with the tag:

<div class="d-print-none" markdown="1">

These sections are then excluded when my Resume is printed. You can also force a page break for printing if you want to ensure a new history section starts on a new page when printed. This can be done by including page_break: true as one of the properies for your role

Theme Color

To set the theme primary color you can set inside the _config.yml file the variable theme_color. It can be one of the following values:

  • cello
  • curious_blue
  • eucalyptus
  • scooter
  • governor_bay
  • cosmi

This uses YAML anchors, so ensure you include the * infront of the variable name.

Modification from Original Theme

To support better printing, @media queries have been added to the Pillar theme to remove the box-shadow from the resume-wrapper-inner class and set the background of the boyd to white.

Favicon Generator

I really like this website for helping to generate favicons:


Dump the contents in the root of this template for them to automatically be used.

The device specific icons that use color, will use the primary color you select for your theme.

  • The rest of this readme comes from the author of the bootstrap theme with a few modification to make it make sense with the changes made for Jekyll


Pillar is a free Bootstrap 4 resume/CV template made for developers by Xiaoying Riley. Built on Bootstrap 4 and SASS, it's quick and easy to change the template styling. This template is designed to help you with your job hunting and boost your chances of getting the web development job you want!

There is a printable version as well Released as a free Sketch template for this theme. Download Now

Pillar Sketch - Sketch Resume/CV Template for Developers

Author & License

This Bootstrap template is made by UX/UI designer Xiaoying Riley for developers and is 100% FREE as long as you keep the footer attribution link. You do not have the rights to resell, sublicense or redistribute (even for free) the template on its own or as a separate attachment from any of your work.

If you'd like to use the template without the footer attribution, you can buy the commercial license via the theme website

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Latest Version

v1.0.1 - 23 July 2018


Colour Schemes

Colour 1 (cello)

Pillar color 1

Colour 2 (curious_blue)

Pillar color 2

Colour 3 (eucalyptus)

Pillar color 3

Colour 4 (scooter)

Pillar color 4

Colour 5 (governor_bay)

Pillar color 5

Colour 6 (cosmic)

Pillar color 6


  • Fully Responsive
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Built on Bootstrap 4
  • SCSS source files included
  • 6 Colour Schemes
  • 1000+ FontAwesome 5 icons
  • Compatible with all modern browsers