A simple forum with pages managed by Jekyll and threads powered by Disqus. Check out our sample site.


Follow these five steps to set up your own copy of Jekyll Discuss Forums:

  1. Create a New Repository

    Go to your and create a new repository named forum

  2. Install Jekyll-Disqus-Forum

    Enter these commands into your terminal in a directory you want your forum to be:

     git clone forum
     cd forum
     git remote set-url origin [email protected]:USERNAME/forum.git
     git push origin gh-pages
  3. Setup Disqus

    Create an application and a forum in Disqus. Make sure you copy down your application public key and forum short name.

  4. Update config.yml

    Update your config.yml with all of the appropriate properties.

  5. Profit

    Navigate your new forum at

Creating Category Groups

Create a new page in the category-groups folder, it should have the following settings:

  • category-group - always set to true
  • id - the id of the category group
  • title - the display title for the category group
  • layout - default is category-group, but doesn't really matter
  • summary - displayed as descriptive text on the category group listing

Once you are done, go ahead and update the group-id of some categories.

Creating Categories

First, create the category in Disqus. Login and go to Admin >> Settings >> Advanced. Click Add New Category and then give your category a name. Click Save Changes and note the category id.

Next, create a new page in the categories directory. It must have the following settings:

  • group-id - the id of the group in which the category should display
  • category - always set to true
  • id - the id of the discus category
  • title - the display title for the category
  • layout - generally should be category, unless you customize the layouts
  • summary - displayed as descriptive text on the category listing

The contents of the category page will be shown in a jumbotron on the category page by default.

Managing Discussions

Users can create discussions at any point. To manage your discussions, login to Disqus and select Admin >> Discussions. To remove a discussion from the form, change it's category to General.

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