Document generation using Jekyll


DocGen is a document generation helper built using Jekyll, as an alternative to LaTeX for the uninitiated. It is NOT for blogging.

Uses MathJax for custom styles.


See the examples folder for examples of how to use this theme.

Includes API

  • {% include page-break-docgen %} - Inserts a page break when printing, useful when printing to PDF
  • {% include break %} - Shortcut for {% include page-break-docgen %}


Some of the available styles are easier to use without an include.

  • pre.utf-box-drawing, code.utf-box-drawing - Sets the font to "Source Code Pro", which is compatible with the utf box drawing characters.
  • - A page break.
  • div.horizontal-line - A container with a 1px black border top.
  • div.display - A div that follows flexbox wrapping rules.
  • ol.heirarchical - A list that supports the numbered-lettered-numeraled structure.



  • default-docgen - Base layout for docgen.
  • latex-docgen - Emulates a LaTeX document.
  • mla-docgen - Emulates an MLA-style document, i.e. 12pt Times New Roman with header.

Utility Pages

  • index-docgen - Utility page that lists all documents.
  • 404-docgen - Utility page for handling 404 errors.
  • default - shortcut for default-docgen.
  • latex - shortcut for latex-docgen.
  • mla - shortcut for mla-docgen.

Page & Site Properties

  • lang - Set the language in _config.yml or in the front matter

  • mla & mla-docgen - In the front matter, you can set:

    • author
    • instructor
    • course
    • date

    All of which are copied verbatim. You can also set title in the front matter, which is copied verbatim into own paragraph where the MLA standard says it should go.