A starter package for those wishing to leverage Grunt and Bower with Jekyll

Grunt, Bower, and Jekyll

I love Ruby, and I love Node equally almost as much. I thought it would be awesome to leverage the powers of the better asset optimization management tool Grunt with the more proven and experienced Jekyll for static, blog-aware site building. Yes, I'm aware of the very exciting up and coming lineman, but it's not quite there yet.

This is a simple starter project that is a work in progress.

It uses the default jekyll new but adds some default config and settings to ignore and use grunt within.

To start, clone this project, then:

  1. npm install -g grunt-cli if you don't have Grunt yet.
  2. npm install required dependencies.
  3. grunt to boot up the Jekyll server and open it.
  4. Configure to your personal liking.

I've ripped out the defaul syntax.css and plan to add highlightjs, which I've installed as a bower dependency.

Bower dependencies found in _assets/components.

I'm working on this currently, so it's not done yet.