A simple content-focused Jekyll theme.

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Trio is a simple, content-focused, responsive, mobile-friendly Jekyll theme. Trio comes with support for these things out-of-the-box:

  • RSS feed
  • 404 page
  • Markdown syntax highlighting, fenced code blocks, tables, GitHub gists, blockquotes
  • Post sharing buttons
  • Paginated list of posts
  • Disqus integration
  • Full-text search

This Jekyll theme was crafted with <3 by Ankur Gupta. Checkout the demo.


Trio was created using inspiration and partial code from these sources:

A big thank you to all of them. I have added links to their licenses wherever I substantially copied their code.

Color Themes

Trio comes with nine color themes (1 default + 8 from Lanyon Color Themes). These colors are listed in _sass/_colors.scss. To change the color theme, simply change the $theme-color variable in _sass/_colors.scss:

$theme-color: $base-08; /* Red */

This is an example of the red/base-08 color theme.

Script to create favicons

I have written a small bash script that creates favicons using imagemagick's convert. You can modify the script to change colors and the lettering. See _layouts/default.html for the HTML that specifies icons for various vendors.


This theme should be ready for use. I am not an expert in SCSS and the current code might be superfluous or overkill. See issues for future improvements. Feel free to add your own.


Open sourced under MIT License

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