Jekyll Lightbox Plugin

A very simple Jekyll tag for including lightbox images in your jekyll powered website.


  • Install Lightbox as instructed on their website
  • Copy the lightbox.rb file to your Jekyll _plugins folder


Use this plugin as a Jekyll tag in any of your pages as follows:

{% lightbox images/appfoundry.png --thumb="images/appfoundry-thumb.png" --data="appfoundry_image_set" --title="The AppFoundry Logo" --alt="This is our logo" --img-style="max-width:80%;" --class="yourclass" %}

This will ouput:

<a href="../images/appfoundry.png" data-lightbox="appfoundry_image_set" data-title="The AppFoundry Logo">
  <img src="../images/appfoundry-thumb.png" alt="This is our logo" class="yourclass" style="max-width:80%;"/>

The options explained:

  • --thumb: (optional) corresponds to Lightbox undocumented thumbnail feature
  • --data: corresponds to the Lightbox data-lightbox attribute
  • --title: corresponds to the Lightbox data-title attribute
  • --alt: (optional) image alt value. If ommitted, the value of title is used
  • --img-style: (optional) any inline CSS you would like to apply to your image
  • --class: (optional) any class you would like to apply to your image


  • Current version: 1.0


Feel free to email with questions or comments.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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