A light toned, justifying theme for Jekyll


Limelight is a light toned, describing theme for Jekyll.


Welcome Page

Sample Post page

Mobile layouts


  • Responsive design
  • Customizable
  • About me and blog page



  • Start by cloning the github repo using git clone
  • You must have jekyll installed to run this, use gem install jekyll for installing it
  • Use jekyll serve to run the site live.
  • You can use source to watch changes over screen.scss in case you plan to change default css
  • Add your own avatar and welcome picture in assets/img/ with names avatar.jpeg and welcome.jpeg
  • To use welcome image, uncomment line 415 in assets/css/style.scss

##Creating Posts

For creating posts add this snippet in front of your post's markdown file:

layout: post
title:  "your title here"
tags: your tags here
class: post

Add content below this and save the post in _posts directory (you will have to create it).


  • Themes
  • More customizations options


Feel free to fork and contribute to the project, just create a pull request.

Open sourced under MIT License