A responsive Bootstrap port of Minima, Jekyll's default theme.


Minima Reboot is a responsive Bootstrap port of Jekyll's default theme, Minima. It tries to be style-light, following Bootstrap as much as possible. It uses bootstrap.css only, and does not load bootstrap.js.

Theme preview


Add this line to your site's _config.yml

remote_theme: aterenin/minima-reboot

Jekyll will automatically download and enable the theme, provided it is up to date.

Alternatively, Minima Reboot is a gem-based theme and can be installed from


Minima Reboot is written in the same way as Minima, using Jekyll's standard directories. These are described below, together with differences and new features.


The following files are part of the _layouts directory.

  • default.html, page.html, post.html — standard layout files exactly as in Minima.
  • home.html — a home page layout, which supports Jekyll's pagination. This can be enabled by setting paginate in _config.yml.
  • allposts.html — this is a layout which displays a full list of posts by year.


The following files are part of the _includes directory.

  • disqus_comments.html, footer.html, google-analytics.html, head.html, header.html, icon-github — standard includes exactly as in Minima.
  • head-includes.html — an empty text file where the user may add additional lines that will be inserted into <head>. If you want to customize Minima Reboot and need to include additional style sheets, add them here.


The following files are part of the _sass directory.

  • minima-reboot.scss — loads the required style sheets.
  • minima-reboot/_layout.scss — contains a few layout tweaks on top of Bootstrap's Reboot style, as well as an inline SVG for the RSS icon, and the responsive navigation menu, for which Minima Reboot uses its own implementation in header.html and this file to avoid loading JavaScript.
  • minima-reboot/_syntax-highlighting.scss — defines the colors used by Jekyll's syntax highlighting.


Contains the main.scss file which loads the style files by importing minima-reboot.scss.


Minima Reboot can be customized just like Minima. To override the style files, add whatever SCSS you like to main.scss in your site's source. This can also be used to override any other file as necessary.

Loading Scripts

To load an additional script, for example when using KaTeX to typeset mathematical equations on a page, just add the <script> to _includes/head-includes.html and they will be added to <head>.

Change default date format

The date format can be modified in Minima Reboot as follows in _config.yml.

  date_format: "%b %-d, %Y"
  date_format_short: "%b %-d"

The format is specified exactly as in Liquid templates.

New links with icons, such as the GitHub link in the preview, can be added to the footer as follows.

  - username: aterenin/minima-reboot/
    icon: icon-github.svg

The username and url parameters are mandatory, the icon parameter is optional. This functionality supersedes Minima's github_username and twitter_username.

Adding inline styles and scripts

The front matter head_inline allows styles and scripts to be inlined to <head>. For example, consider adding the following to

head_inline: "<style>td:first-child { width: 7rem; }</style>"

This will manually set the width of the date column in

Disqus Comments and Google Analytics

These are enabled exactly as in Minima.


This theme uses HTML compression provided by jekyll-compress-html. To disable this, override default.html, and remove the lines

layout: compress

from the file's front matter.


The theme is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.