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This is a Responsive Resume template for programmers. It is developed using Jekyll

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So what is Jekyll all about?

Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator. It takes a template directory containing raw text files in various formats, runs it through a converter (like Markdown) and our Liquid renderer, and spits out a complete, ready-to-publish static website suitable for serving with your favorite web server. Jekyll also happens to be the engine behind GitHub Pages, which means you can use Jekyll to host your project’s page, blog, or website from GitHub’s servers for free.

Jekyll Installation

Follow this Jekyll Installation Guide

Installing Dependencies

After clonning the project, go to your projet root directory and install the dependencies

bundle install

Running Server

bundle exec jekyll serve

According the configuration of this project, as I wrote, the server will start at local address.
Here I assigned or you can visit localhost:4000

Web Technologies Used

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Javascript/jQuery
  3. Jekyll - Ruby/Gems

How Edit this project

You just edit the _data folder files, The code will get updated automatically.
The advanced editing and detail description will be adding soon in wiki sections.
Glad if you can help me to do that fast.

Mean while if you need help write a line or raise an issue in issues section.

The good features are welcomed with Great Respect. Please feel free to contribute.

Thank You :)
Happy Coding !!

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