Jekyll + Tailwind + Stimulus Starter

This project template is a starting point for anyone wanting to build a static site using Jekyll, TailwindCSS, and StimulusJS. See a preview of the deployed jekyll + tailwind + stimulus starter.


  • "Just works."
  • Easy to deploy to Netlify.
  • Small number of up-to-date dependencies.

How to use this template

  1. Use this template to create a new repo.
    1. Click the "Use this template" button.
    2. Create your repo on github.
    3. Clone your repo locally.
  2. Install dependencies.
    1. bundle install
    2. yarn install
  3. Run in development mode.
    1. yarn develop
    2. Browse to http://localhost:4000.
  4. Build your site.
    1. Add pages, customize the default layout, etc. (see how works)
  5. Deploy
    1. Run yarn build to build a production version of the site to the _site directory.
    2. The included netlify.toml file makes it easy to deploy to netlify.

What you get with the template

  1. Webpack-based build pipelines
    1. Compiles Javascript into a bundle.
    2. Compiles CSS into a static file.
  2. Tailwind CSS 3 installed and configured
    1. With aspect-ratio, typography, and forms plugins enabled.
  3. Stimulus JS 3 installed and configured
    1. With an example controller
  4. A (very) minimal HTML structure
    1. A header that includes the JS and CSS bundles
    2. A default.html layout that renders page content
  5. Browser-sync for easier local development
  6. Separate for development specific site configuration.

How to add new pages

  1. Create a new file (e.g. about.html)
  2. Add front-matter to use the default template (see

What about the blog/posts functionality of Jekyll?

  • The structure exists, but there is no longer a sample post
  • It works just like normal jekyll
  • You'll probably want to add a post.html template

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