A minimalism theme for Jekyll

Jekyll Crisp Minimal Theme

Minimal theme of Jekyll from Crisp.

Sample Site


  1. To install a theme, first, add the theme to your site's Gemfile:

    gem 'jekyll-crisp-minimal-theme'
  2. Save the changes to your Gemfile

  3. Run the command bundle install to install the theme

  4. Finally, activate the theme by adding the following to your site's _config.yml:

    theme: jekyll-crisp-minimal-theme

For more information, please read



  • default.html: The base layout that lays the foundation for subsequent layouts. The derived layouts inject their contents into this file at the line that says {{ content }} and are linked to this file via FrontMatter declaration layout: default.
  • page.html: The layout for your documents that contain FrontMatter, but are not posts.
  • post.html: The layout for your posts.
  • redirect.html: The layout for redirections, which redirects following the FrontMatter redirect_to.


  • disqus.html: Code to markup disqus comment box.
  • footer.html: Defines the site's footer section.
  • google_analytics.html: Inserts Google Analytics module (active only in production environment).
  • head.html: Code-block that defines the <head></head> in default layout.
  • header.html: Defines the site's main header section. By default, pages with a defined title attribute will have links displayed here.


  • style.scss: Defines the variable defaults for the theme and also further imports sass partials to supplement itself.
  • _main.scss: Defines the base styles for various HTML elements.
  • _archive.scss: Defines the styles for archive list.
  • _article.scss: Defines the styles for articles.
  • _code-highlight.scss: Defines the styles for syntax-highlighting.
  • _footer.scss: Defines the styles for footer.
  • _menu.scss: Defines the styles for header(menu).
  • _page.scss: Defines the styles for page.
  • _things.scss: Defines the styles for project list.


This directory includes sufficient css, js, and images used for the theme.


FrontMatter Variables

  • disable_syntax_highlight: Default to false. By setting true, highlight.js will not be loaded or initiated. Recommended for non-code pages.
  • jquery: Default to false. By setting true, jQuery will be loaded.

Header menu can be customized. Add original file (not target file) path to

    - my_html_page.html

Contact Icons

Contact icons can be set in To add more contact icons, attach new items with link and icon to your target position.

    - link:
      icon: fa-globe


Project page is a place to show the information sheet of your projects. You may use _data file to organize the page, or even use github-metadata to do that.


Optionally, if you have a Disqus account, you can tell Jekyll to use it to show a comments section below each post.

To enable it, add the following lines to your Jekyll site:

    shortname: my_disqus_shortname

You can find out more about Disqus' shortnames here.

Comments are enabled by default and will only appear in production, i.e., JEKYLL_ENV=production

If you don't want to display comments for a particular post you can disable them by adding comments: false to that post's YAML Front Matter.

Google Analytics

To enable Google Anaytics, add the following lines to your Jekyll site:

  google_analytics: UA-NNNNNNNN-N

Google Analytics will only appear in production, i.e., JEKYLL_ENV=production


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.