eCommerce built with Jekyll

Create Store from .csv data files

This is a test of the Jekyll Data Pages Generator ( to use .csv files to manage products in an eCcommerce store. This is just my second attempt at creating a site with Jekyll. The first was a small store (only 5 to 15 products at any one time) using a collection. It is for my daughter's pottery ( and is a site that I will manage.


I wanted to create an eCommerce model where clients could manage a small online store completely within a local spreadsheet file. I work with many small businesses that don't have the tech skill to handle a solution like WordPress and Woocommerce or the money to have someone else regularly do it. They are familiar with spreadsheets and PayPal, though.


Currently I've got:

  • Product Archive (index.html) w/ filter
  • Single Product w/ related products

You can view the progress here

Problems and Bugs

Again, I'm new to Jekyll and Liquid. I'm also a JavaScript noob. While I've got most of the features more or less working, I'm having a real problems with Related Products. I can't seem to exclude the current product page from the list of Related Products. This may be because the data_page_generator plugin generates product pages directly from _data to /products within the _site folder, bypassing creating a _collection.

Help and Suggestions

I'll be the first one to admit that the code isn't clean. There are probably much neater and easier ways to create what I've got here. And I'm probably murdering "best practices". I'm looking at this more as a playground and proof-of-concept site. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated, especially for the Related Products issue.

Wish List

It would be great if the Jekyll devs would incorporate _collection population via _data files into the core. Or maybe Adolfo Villafiorita might make that an option of data_page_generator. Neither of these may be possible, but they're both beyond my skill level and pay grade!