a simple template to write your CV in a readable markdown file and use CSS to publish/print it.


A curriculum vitae maintained in plain text and rendered to HTML and PDF using CSS.

For more details, see the project page, or the blog post on why I switched to markdown for my CV.


Simply fork the markdown-cv repo

and edit the file directly in Github

adding your skills, jobs and education.


To transform your plain text CV into a beautiful and shareable HTML page, you have two options:

I. Use Github Pages to publish it online

  1. Delete the existing gh-pages branch from your fork. It will only contain this webpage. You can either use git or the Github web interface.
  2. Create a new branch called gh-pages.
  3. Head to to see your CV live.

Any change you want to make to your CV from then on would have to be done on the gh-pages branch and will be immediately rendered by Github Pages.

II. Build it locally and print a PDF

  1. To install jekyll, run gem install bundler jekyll from the command line.
  2. Clone your fork of markdown-cv to your local machine.
  3. Type jekyll serve to render your CV at http://localhost:4000.
  4. You can edit the file and see the changes live in your browser.
  5. To print a PDF, press + p. Print and web CSS media queries should take care of the styling.


The included CSS will render your CV in two styles: s

  1. kjhealy the original default, inspired by kjhealy's vita template.
  2. davewhipp is a tweaked version of kjhealy, with bigger fonts and dates right aligned.

To change the default style, simply change the variable in the _config.yml file.

Any other styling is possible. More CSS style contributions and forks are welcome!


Eliseo Papa (Twitter/Github/Website).


MIT License