Website of FIRST Team 1418. Jekyll site built from frc1418:master at

Team 1418 Website

This repository contains the content that is served on

This website uses the Jekyll templating system and is hosted as a GitHub page out of this repository.


  • Ruby

  • bundler and jekyll:

    gem install bundler jekyll

    or locally:

    gem install bundler jekyll --user


  1. While in cloned folder, run:

    bundle install
  2. Then, to start Jekyll, run:

    bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload
  3. Navigate to localhost:4000 to view the output of the site.


After implementing all the changes necessary, you will need to push this to your github fork.

  1. To add your repository fork, run:

    git remote add origin http://yourGithubURL
  2. To stage your updated code, run:

    git add .

    or to stage a specific file:

    git add foldername/filename.js
  3. To Commit your push, run:

    git commit -m "WHAT EVER YOU DID"
  4. Finally to push to your forked repository, run

    git push
  5. Go to your GitHub fork, it should say 1 commit ahead of...


When running steps in Setup, there may be an error while installing certain gems. If this is the case, run the following command to update the Gemfile.lock, which should fix the problem.

   bundle update

Then retry the steps in Setup.



This software is protected under the MIT license. Basically, do whatever you want as long as you give credit where credit is due and don't hold us liable for anything that happens. More information can be found in LICENSE.