Making changes

  1. All changes are to be made in the source directory. Don't touch files outside that directory, as they are automatically generated.
  2. If you are making changes to HTML you are doing it WRONG

All changes must be done in the source directory see source you don’t need to touch anything else. and even in there most changes will be under the data directory data If you see yourself changing HTML you are doing it wrong. Please contact myself or @ziprandom before making HTML changes.

So as an example this issue 44 required a change to our achievements, the data for which is under the data/milestones directory source/data/milestones

In the beginning you may need to try to figure out the source directory layout. But it's not too complex. Website uses the Hugo Static Site Generator


hugo go based static site generator. download binaries for your system here.

development / publishing

Start a development server:

# from source directory
cd source
hugo server

# or from root
hugo --source="source" serve

(re)build the static site

cd source
hugo -d ../

# or from root
hugo --source="source" -d .