Jekyll One-Page Resume

Jekyll Resume

This resume is a reimplementation of gonsie/cthulu-resume for Jekyll.


Install the following 2 files into an existing Jekyll project.

  • Markdown resume. See details below for formatting.
  • _layouts/resume.html: This file includes CSS styles for the resume.

Resume Markup

This resume assumes the following markdown / html:

  • Name at the top is a top-level heading (# / <h1>)
  • The objective statement is a block quote (> / <blockquote>)
  • Sections of the resume should 2nd level headings (## / <h2>)
  • Job titles should be 3rd level headings (### / <h3>), which can be combined with bold text (** / <bold>).
  • Dates can be added to 3rd level headings by directly using the html <span> tag.