New Grok Podcast website, powered by Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Grok Podcast Website

Setup with Vagrant

Assuming you have Vagrant installed on your machine:

git clone [email protected]:grokpodcast/site.git grok_site
cd grok_site
vagrant up
vagrant reload
vagrant ssh

git config "<YOUR NAME>"
git config "<YOUR E_MAIL ON GITHUB>"

gem install bundler

cd /vagrant
gem install --path=vendor --binstubs

Generate the static site

bin/jekyll build
bin/jekyll serve


  • Thanks to our faithful audience, valeu galera :)*
  • Thanks to our sponsors, you make our life easier
  • Design and implementation by HE:Labs, thanks for the awesome design
  • Developed with Ruby and Jekyll(, thanks to our wonderful community
  • Source code hosted on GitHub, thanks for this wonderful service
  • S3 synchonization provided by the awesome s3cmd, thanks for making our life easier