Used to read a Disqus import file and generate Jekyll data for rendering comments

Disqus Importer

A Disqus importer for jekyll-blog-comments by @damieng.

Reads an export of your Disqus comments and generates yaml files and include files for a Jekyll site suitable for rendering comments on a website.



For example, if you export your disqus comments to a temp folder, you might run the following command.

disqus-importer.exe c:\temp\haacked-2018-05-11T17_11_33.342137-all.xml C:\repos\haacked.com

Make sure there are no spaces in either paths. I haven't gotten around to add real command line parsing. This is pretty raw code right now.

You've been warned!

Once you've imported all your comments, you'll want to tweak the comment templates in _includes to fit your site's design. You'll also need to update your layout.

Check out the instructions in https://github.com/damieng/jekyll-blog-comments for more details.