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working on the site

(note to self)

publishing a new post

  • run exe/new my great post to create a draft file.
  • run exe/publish _drafts/my-great-post.md to move that file into the _posts directory and add the current timestamp

adding a podcast episode

  • record and export an mp3 (the feed assumes mp3)
  • upload it to s3, make public, copy the URL
  • add a file to _metaphorloop_episodes named, e.g. 4.md for episode 4
  • required attributes in the header:
    • title
    • summary
    • date
    • audio_url
    • number_of_bytes -- actually count the bytes of the audio file, e.g. 4000000
    • length_as_text -- e.g. "07:05"
  • optional attributes in the header:
    • custom_art if an episode should have special art, link it here