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Theme attributions below: Original README from HTML5 UP:

Forty by HTML5 UP | @ajlkn
Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 license (

This is Forty, my latest and greatest addition to HTML5 UP and, per its incredibly
creative name, my 40th (woohoo)! It's built around a grid of "image tiles" that are
set up to smoothly transition to secondary landing pages (for which a separate page
template is provided), and includes a number of neat effects (check out the menu!),
extra features, and all the usual stuff you'd expect. Hope you dig it!

Demo images* courtesy of Unsplash, a radtastic collection of CC0 (public domain) images
you can use for pretty much whatever.

(* = not included)

[email protected] | @ajlkn


    Demo Images:
        Unsplash (

        Font Awesome (

      Forty Jekyll Theme ([email protected] | @ajlkn)
        jQuery (
        html5shiv.js (@afarkas @jdalton @jon_neal @rem)
        background-size polyfill (
        Misc. Sass functions (@HugoGiraudel)
        Respond.js (
        Skel (

Repository Jekyll logo icon licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.