Jekyll with generic Bootstrap 4 theme and Docker

Jekyll Bootstrap 4 Boilerplate Theme + Docker


This is a complete Dockerized Jekyll setup with a custom Bootstrap 4 theme. The setup is compatible with Github Pages: there are no unsupported plugins here.

You can ignore Docker stuff if you want and use Jekyll directly.

Usage with Docker


make build


make serve

Then open http://localhost:4000.

Usage without Docker

# clone repo 
git clone

# cd and install jekyll
cd jekyll-bootstrap4-docker
sudo gem install jekyll

# start
bundle exec jekyll serve

Then open http://localhost:4000.


  • OG-tags support
  • Bootstrap SASS

This repository is created and maintained by the team and the community of Hexlet, an educational project. Read more about Hexlet.

See most active contributors on hexlet-friends.

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