Generate jekyll posts from the terminal

simple jekyll posts generator

As you can guess from the title, this is a node module to generate jekyll posts easily from within your terminal.


type in your terminal :

npm install -g jekyll-posts-generator

In some computers you need to be an administrator to install this module, in that case just precede the previous command with sudo.

After installing this package you can access the global command jposts from within any folder you want.


Navigate to some jekyll website folder that have the following structure :

├── _config.yml
├── _drafts
├── _includes
├── _layouts
├── _posts
|   |── posts are listed here ...
├── _data
├── _site
├── .jekyll-metadata
└── index.html

Now you can create a basic article using the create command

jposts create-post 'my article title'


 jposts create-post "my article title"

At this time if you go inside _posts folder, you will see a new file [YYYY-MM-DD] generated for you.


You can see the list of options available with any command using jposts [COMMAND_NAME] -h or jposts -h to list the options available with the global command jposts, Here is some examples :

#list options available with create command
jposts create-post -h

# specify the current post categories
jposts create-post <postName> -c category1,category2,...

# Specify the layout of the current post
jposts create-post <postName> -l post

# You can specify multiple options at the same time :
jposts create-post <postName> -l post -c category1,category2

# Create new category 
jposts create-category <categoryName> 


  • Add other essential options.
  • Add test cases.
  • ...