A minimalist, responsive portfolio theme for Jekyll with Bootstrap

Phantom for Jekyll

A minimalist, responsive portfolio theme for Jekyll with Bootstrap.

See it in action.

Fancy using it for your own site?

Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Clone this repo and cd into the directory:
git clone your-dir-name && cd your-dir-name
  1. Run:
gem install bundler
bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve

You may need to append your commands with sudo if you're getting a permissions error.

Don't have Jekyll yet? [Get `er installed then!](

  1. Visit in your browser at:

Launching with Github Pages :rocket:

Jekyll + Github pages is a marriage made in heaven. You can use your own custom domain name or use the default Github url (ie. and not bother messing around with DNS settings.

Theme Features

Navigation can be customized in _config.yml under the nav_item key. Default settings:

    - { url: '/', text: 'Home' }
    - { url: '/about', text: 'About' }

Set the nav_enable variable to false in _config.yml to disable navigation.

Contact Form

You can display a contact form within the modal window template. This template is already setup to use the Formspree email system. You'll just want to add your email address to the form in /_includes/contact-modal.html.

Place the modal window template in any place you'd like the user to click for the contact form. The template will display a link to click for the contact form modal window:

{% include contact.html %}
{% include contact-modal.html %}

Animation Effects

Animations with CSS classes are baked into the theme. To animate a section or element, simply add the animation classes:

<div id="about-me" class="wow fadeIn">
  I'm the coolest!

For a complete list of animations, see the animation list.


By default, pagination on the home page will activate after 10 posts. You can change this within _config.yml. You can add the pagination to other layouts with:

  {% for post in paginator.posts %}
    {% include post-content.html %}
  {% endfor %}

  {% include pagination.html %}

Read more about the pagination plugin.