eCommerce experiment using Jekyll, Avantlink, Nokogiri, Twitter Bootstrap, and Facebook.

Hacker Bootstrap Shop

Welcome to my little experiment in eCommerce using Jekyll, Avantlink, Nokogiri, Twitter Bootstrap, and Facebook


Jekyll is a static website generator. Learn more here: http://jekyllrb.com

Avantlink is an affilate warehouse with an outdoor product focus. Learn more here: https://www.avantlink.com


Nokogiri is a awesome XML parsing library for Ruby. Learn more here: http://nokogiri.org

Twitter Bootstrap

I wanted to build a mobile first responsive website with a minimal amount of work. Twitter Bootstrap I Haz. Learn more here: http://getbootstrap.com

Facebook Comments

I needed to fill out the product detail pages with a "review" system of sorts. I landed on Facebook Comments. Learn more here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/comments/

Please browse the site http://joecode.com/hackerbootshop/ and report any issues. https://github.com/joewils/hackerbootshop/issues


The "Buy now" buttons are wired up with my affilate link. If you end up purchasing anything I get a kickback from REI via Avantlink...