Light on dark theme for Jekyll + Jekyll Bootstrap

Hacking In The Dark

A light-on-dark hacker enthusiast theme for Jekyll + Jekyll-BootStrap. Uses YUI CSS and JavaScript


Jonathan Tsai

This is the theme that I use to power my personal website (

By sharing this theme, I hope to benefit others whenever I add features that extend the functionality of Jekyll-Bootstrap. I believe in code modularity and robustness.


I've added lots of interesting customizations that only require making changes to the _config.yml file, and the theme templates take care of the rest.

Here's what's supported now, with more on the way:

  • Customized Navigation Links - choose which pages show up in your navigation menu
  • Customized Footer Links
  • Social Media Sites - Pull in a lot of content from social media sites just by adding your profile
  • Custom credits - easily thank other developers or useful websites by linking to them

You can add navlinks and footerlinks to customize the navigation links and footer links. For example:

navlinks :
    url : '/index.html'
    title : Home
    url : '/about.html'
    title : About
    url : '/code.html'
    title : Code

    url : '/pages.html'
    title : Pages
    url : '/categories.html'
    title : Categories
    url : '/tags.html'
    title : Tags
    url : '/archive.html'
    title : Archive

You can also customize credits (shoutouts, thank-yous) by adding a credits node.

I gave a shoutout to Jekyll and Jekyll-Bootstrap, and my hosting and DNS providers, Linode and FreeDNS

credits :
    pre_text : 'Powered by'
    url : ''
    link_text : Jekyll
    pre_text : 'with help from'
    url : ''
    link_text : 'Jekyll Bootstrap'
    link_title : 'The Definitive Jekyll Blogging Framework'
    post_text : '.'
    pre_text : ''
    url :
    link_text : 'Linode'
    post_text : '.'
    pre_text : ''
    url : ''
    link_text : FreeDNS
    post_text : '.'

For now, the ones that are supported are:

  • (about page)
  • GitHub (fork me banner on top-right)
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr (icon on bottom)
  • Feedburner (RSS icon)
  • Olark (website chat widget)

Add the social profile identities right under author: name and author: email like so:

author :
  name : YOUR_NAME
  aboutme : USERNAME
  github : USERNAME
  twitter : USERNAME
  linkedin : USERNAME
  facebook : USERNAME
  feedburner : USERNAME
  flickr : USERNAME
  olark : OLARK_CODE

Make your own Themes

Follow the instructions here!

After the theme is set up, one easy command to package it for publishing!

$ rake theme:package name="THEME-NAME"