a rakefile to make jekyll so much nicer. Pair with the gruntfile for full rake power. use compass.rb && _compass.rb for jekyll compass madness. All three are forming an alliance.

rake-jekyll-grunt - :a_whole_new_kind_of_beast => :awaken do

This is the Rakefile from Octopress with some Special Sauce just for Jekyll.

  • Thanks to @imathis for making most of the rakefile, which was configured for octopress, and I just hacked for use with Jekyll


Install npm

$ cinst npm

Install Grunt-Cli using npm with the -g flag for npm to install globally

$ npm install -g grunt-cli

Install Grunt Dependancies

  • make sure the package.json file is the root of your project then use npm to install the dependancies locally like so
$ npm install

You should now be up and running with npm and grunt ...

  • Almost Done
  1. Setup your sass files like below for minmal config of the Rakefile and Gruntfile.js
  • The only really important part is that your .scss files are in _sass and your .js files, images, and fonts live
        .scss           # all your .scss files live here
        prism.rb        # this file is just here so the grunt uglify task doesn't fail see below
    config.rb # compass config file for grunt
    _compass.rb # compass config for jekyll plugin compass generator

You will have to change a few settings to your liking / preferences

  • The settings for grunt uglify are in Gruntfile.js

  • You will have to adjust the settings to match your project here is a gist

// uglify to concat, minify, and make source maps
        uglify: {
            dist: {
                options: {
                    sourceMap: 'assets/js/map/source-map.js'    // this is the source map of all the files yoyu feed uglify
                // files: {
                //     'assets/js/app.min.js': [                // this file will be a concatenated, minified file of all the .js files in the array
                //         'assets/js/oneFile.js',              // using this pattern you can concatenate many .js files into one file.
                //         'assets/js/otherFile.js',
                //         'assets/js/yetAnotherFile.js',
                //     ],
                    'assets/js/prism.min.js': [                 // this is the minified file of the file in the array

Lastly make sure your compass config.rb files, your _compass.rb, and _config.yml for jekyll are ilk in the diagram above

  • Put the Rakefile in the root of your project

  • You should be good to go.

Now you can list out the rake tasks you have at your disposal like

$ rake list
  • or to get more info on each task
$ rake -T

Here is a list of all the tasks

rake clean                     # Clean out caches: .pygments-cache, .gist-c...
rake copydot[source,dest]      # copy dot files for deployment
rake deploy                    # Default deploy task
rake gen_deploy                # Generate website and deploy
rake generate                  # Generate jekyll site
rake integrate                 # Move all stashed posts back into the posts...
rake iso_post[title]           # Begin a new post in c:/Users/Owner/Desktop...
rake isolate[filename]         # Move all other posts than the one currentl...
rake list                      # list tasks
rake list_posts[type]          # List all posts with an asterisk if it's pu...
rake livegrunt                 # preview the site with grunt and live reloa...
rake master_config_push        # set master as default merge and push for o...
rake new_page[filename]        # Create a new page in (filename)/index.md
rake new_post[title]           # Begin a new post in c:/Users/Owner/Desktop...
rake preview                   # preview the site in a web browser
rake push                      # deploy public directory to github pages
rake push_master               # commit changes to core source files on mas...
rake rsync                     # Deploy website via rsync
rake set_root_dir[dir]         # Update configurations to support publishin...
rake setup_github_pages[repo]  # Set up _deploy folder and deploy branch fo...
rake watch                     # Watch the site and regenerate when it changes

The most notable new ones are rake iso_post, rake list_post, and rake live_grunt

$ rake iso_post               # will create a new post then isolate it and open it in Sublime Text 2
$ rake list_post            # will list out the published and unpublished (drafts) in you _posts dir

You can just run the rake preview task as well by using

$ grunt
  • Which will run the configured default grunt task in Gruntfile.js


  • make another version of Rakefile that uses Guard to watch, minify, optimize, run compass, jekyll, and live reload instead of grunt

  • also make another version that just works without Grunt or Guard as some people are not playing with those tools yet.

Attribution and Many Many Thanks go to:

  • A Special Thanks for all my knowledge I compiled from the brains of the following geniuses:
  • @mattbanks @parkr @zenshin @thanpolas @imathis @chriseppstein and so many more of you. Thanks a Million.


  • DWTFYWL License DO Whatever The F%$# you would like License. You just do whatever the F&%$ you like.


  • If you would like to contribute your tasks or make these better:
  1. Fork this project on github
  • Make a feature branch and hack
  1. Send a PR (Pull Request)
  • Enjoy :)