The GigaSpaces XAP wiki based on markdown and Jekyll

GigaSpaces XAP Documentation

This repository contains the markup files, html templates and javascript sources for the new GigaSpaces XAP documentation portal. It's based on Jekyll, a Ruby-based static site generator, and uses Markdown as a markup language. It was originally ported from Atlassian Confluence, and therefore multiple useful Jekyll plugins were defined. The plugins mimic the behavior of original Confluene macros to allow for easy migration from Confulence and provide content editor with useful markup extensions that are relevant to online documentation portals.

Help Us Improve!

It's important for us to encourage your feedback and contribution. Contributing to this website is straightforward. Simply fork this repository, make your changes, test them with your locak Jekyll installation, and submit a pull request. We promise to review and comment on every pull request, and merge it if it makes sense.

Installing, Editing and Testing Locally

To run and test the website locally, you should perform the following steps:

  • Install the latest version of Jekyll (you can find detailed directions here).
  • If you intend to edit the docs, create a fork of this repo and clone it to your machine.
    git clone<your github username>/gigaspaces-wiki-jekyll.git

If you just want to run it locally, you can clone this repository:

git clone
  • cd to the clone directory:

    cd gigaspaces-wiki-jekyll
  • Make the required changes to the docs (if you need to).

  • Run Jekyll in sever mode, and wait for the site generation to complete:

    jekyll serve

    You should see the following output if everything was ok:

    Configuration file: /Users/uri1803/dev/gigaspaces-wiki-jekyll/_config.yml
              Source: /Users/uri1803/dev/gigaspaces-wiki-jekyll
         Destination: /Users/uri1803/dev/gigaspaces-wiki-jekyll/_site
        Generating... done.
      Server address:
    Server running... press ctrl-c to stop.
  • Point your browser to http://localhost:4000. You should see the documentation portal home page, and verify that you're ok with your changes.

  • If you've forked the repository and updated documentation pages, you can submit a pull request. We will review, comment and merge the pull request after approving it.

Continuous Deployment

This website is hosted on AWS S3. Every push to this reposiroty triggers a build process (currently we use the excellent Circle CI conitnuous integration service), at the end which the generated website is pushed to S3 using the s3_website library. The Circle CI configuration is located at in the file circle.yml.

Authoring Guidelines

You can find these guidelines here

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