A Civil War card game generated by Jekyll, also my AP United States History final project!

The Game of Squabble

This is a game where strategy is used to win Civil War battles.

There are three types of cards:

  • Soldiers – Common, some have special abilities
  • **Generals** – Rare but has more power than a soldier

The point values on the upper left corner indicate the amount of Tokens needed to activate a Soldier or General.

  • Battle – Conflicts that you have to resolve with a sufficient amount of power from Soldiers & Generals.

The point value in the upper left corner indicate the amount of combined value of Soldiers & Generals combined needed to win a Battle, see each card for specific requirements. This is how the game should be laid out:

Hand & Tokens
Oppo Field 1    Oppo Field 2
Battle Card 1    Battle Card 2
Your Field 1    Your Field  2
Hand & Tokens

At the start of the game, you must pick a side: Union or Confederate.

The team that goes first is determined by a best of three rocks, paper, scissors match.

Then, two Battle cards are drawn from the battle deck and placed in the middle. Six cards are drawn from each deck and placed in the hand. The game begins.

At the start of each turn, draw two tokens and one card.

  • You may trade in your tokens to move a Soldier or General from your Hand to your Field.
  • Once you place a Soldier or General on the Field, you must activate its special ability (if applicable)
  • Once you meet the requirements to win a battle, take the Battle card and replace it with another card from the deck. Any Soldier or General associated with that battle goes to a discard pile.
  • You can NOT withdraw Soldiers or Generals from the field.
  • You may also save any remaining tokens for future turns.

If you run out of Soldier or General cards, shuffle the discard pile and place it back in the deck.

The game ends when there are no more Battles to fight and the winner is the person with the most Battle cards. The winner has to exclaim the term “Squabble!”