Boba Fett Theme is a theme/template for Jekyll makes your CV such as Boba Fett

Boba Fett Theme For Jekyll 1.4

A Resume Theme for Jekyll oriented for developpers. All the magic of this theme is that sections fill via Markdown files.

It makes your resume such as Boba Fett.

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How to use it

General informations

There is three files to customize your site :

  • _config.yml for customizing your informations (name, summary, twitter, linkedin...),
  • css/main.scss for customizing the desgin (fonts, colors, sizes...),
  • _sass/_custom.scssfor override default CSS properties.
  • CNAME for your custom domain.

All sections of the resume are filled with your markdown post in _posts.

Quick start

install :

  • Clone the master branch : git clone


  • customize _config.ymlwith your informations,
  • customize css/main.scss (Jekyll now support SASS)
  • or if you don't want to use .scss change the css/main.scss.

Start your server

  • intstall Jekyll : (if needed),
  • go to the folder where is your resume/theme with your terminal,
  • start your server : jekyll serve -w --baseurl '',
  • go to http://localhost:4000.

Exemples of site using this template


This project use Frameworks :


Open sourced under the MIT license.

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