Daryl is a performant and responsive Jekyll theme.


Daryl is a performant and responsive Jekyll theme. It aims to be simply designed and above-all, highly-readable. This is a screenshot of the Daryl theme as it stands now:

The name of this theme is from Daryl Dixon, of the Walking Dead. Great character from a stellar television show.

##This theme is:

  • Mobile-first and by nature, performant-first
  • Responsive by default
  • Small file size
  • No Sass/Less. Vanilla HTML and CSS.
  • Includes an Archive/Post-list page template.


  • Install the Command Line Developer Tools or Xcode (which includes the Command Line Developer Tools) if you don't already have it installed.

    xcode-select --install

    More info here on Jekyll prerequisites.

  • Install Jekyll:

    gem install jekyll
  • Install the jekyll-paginate gem:

    gem install --user-install --bindir ~/bin --no-document --pre jekyll-paginate
  • Install the pygments gem for syntax highlighting:

    gem install pygments.rb
  • Run git clone to download this repo to your machine:

    git clone https://github.com/andrewcodes/daryl.git
  • Run jekyll serve from the terminal

  • Browse to http://localhost:4000 to see your site

  • Before deploying your site to a produciton enviornment, remove lines 16-27 in the "_includes/head.html" file as this contains my own Google Analytics code.


Daryl’s Master branch is the “clean branch”. Master is ready to be deployed at all times once this theme is released. All development will be done on their own branches in a SEMVER style. If a patch or feature needs to be pushed to Master, a 1.1.0 (for feature) or 1.0.1 (for a patch/fix) will be created and developed on.

Since this is an open source project, pull requests for fixes are welcome. If you would like to change the design of this theme, please fork this project.


  • Add a site description div under the site title h1
  • Add an Archives page
  • Add page navigation
  • Move my site over. Git clone to a new directory then copy posts over from old andrewlee.name directory. Upload. CANCELLED
  • Test RSS feed
  • Add a favicon
  • Add a new screenshot from a portrait monitor
  • Test the installation instructions to make sure it works in a "clean" environment (Mac VM without Jekyll already installed).
  • Add a left-aligned caption/citation area (release first and save this for later)
  • Checkout plugins and see if anything is needed (possibly http://www.jekyll-plugins.com/plugins/simple-jekyll-search ?)


####v1.0.0 Released - 2015-11-18 This is the first major release. All tasks directly related to an initial release have been done


This theme is open sourced under the MIT license.

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