Homepage for my research group as an example of LYX Jekyll Theme.

Homepage of Yi-Xin Liu's Research Group

This website is the homepage of Yi-Xin Liu's research group. Yi-Xin Liu is the copyright holder to all the contents published on this website except the underlying theme. If you wish to use any copyright material on this website, please contact me via the Email or address listed above to obtain a permission.


This website is designed for math and code intensive blogging, particularly suited for computational scientist. The main features are:

  • Minimal visual components plus a responsive, paper-like, extremely clean appearance. Let visitors focus on the main content of a post.
  • Beautiful Inline and display math equations rendered by MathJax.
  • Markdown code block fences are rendered with line numbers by default and with a carefully tweaked solarized light theme.
  • Code blocks and its output look similar to Jupyter Notebook.
  • Julia and Python REPL code blocks.
  • Comments powered by utterances.
  • Pre-designed TOC and alerts.
  • Support Twitter Card.
  • Support per tag Atom feeds, see feed_julia.xml for an example.

It has been deployed to Github Pages at with custom domain at

This website adopts features from


If you wish to use the Jekyll theme of this website, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Please give credit by starring this project and/or display this line on your website: This website is powered by LYX Jekyll theme.
  2. Remove all personal materials and personal information about me (Yi-Xin Liu).
  3. Remove all the contents in the following directories: _posts, _drafts, _data, _site, downloads, images, and pages.
  4. Modify the configuration file _config.yml to add your own personal information.
  5. Add your contents.
  6. You can add your own per category page at blog/category by editing the sample pages. Just remove all .md files if you don't want any per category page.
  7. Publish your website.

A Sample blog post/template can be found at _posts/ It also includes some guidelines to write blog posts with this Jekyll theme. You can read it [here]({% post_url %}).

Important Notice