Jekyll Posts as Map Points

Jekyll Maps

Point-based map engine generated via static Jekyll posts.

Jekyll Maps allows you to create standard Jekyll posts and show them on a map as points. Posts use the standard YYYY-MM-DD-your_stuff.markdown format required for Jekyll, which are used to create a GeoJSON in js/site.js and passed into a Leaflet map.

Point Options

The point posts require two parameters in the YAML section:

  • lat - latitude
  • lng - longitude


The properties of each point are populated dynamically. Properties have two components, the key and value. To add them to the the GeoJSON object, structure your YAML like this:

        key: name
        value: Seattle, WA
        key: description
        value: Seattle is a coastal seaport city and the seat of King County, in the U.S. state of Washington.
        key: foo
        value: bar

Map Options

Site-wide map options can be changed in _config.yml. The include:

  • map-tileset - the URL of the tiles you'd like to use for the map
  • map-credits - credits added to the map in the lower right corner