GitHub Pages Theme: Leap Day

Leap Day

Open source content for Leap Day theme. Theme was first designed / developed for GitHub Pages and is availalbe for download, forking and using anywhere else on the web.

Note If you are an original Leap Day user (pre August 2014) the 1.0 tag is what you are on.

The Leap Day Pages demo is here

Developing Locally


Running script/server will run jekyll serve && compass --watch commands via terminal. You will be able to open http://localhost:4000 and make changes to any of the, md, .html or .scss files and compass will compile them for you. Simply refresh your browser (or use something like livereload) and develop away. Most of the colors and sizing is found in the _variables.scss file.


Leap-Day Theme is by Matt Graham, twitter @mattgraham. Use, reuse and modify away.