A multipurpose "onepage" Bootstrap theme using sass and configured for quick Jekyll customization

Party on, Garth!

This theme was originally based on Start Bootstrap - Grayscale

Other than the original layout, and javascript, and a few source files / libraries, it's been totally gutted and re-written for fast flexible Jekyll.

Improvements & Changes

  • Added Gemfile to ensure github pages compatibility
  • Added .editorconfig to standardize code contributions
  • Added .gitignore
  • Added config.yml based on Jekyll-now, plus many improvements
  • Added svg-icons.html include from Jekyll-now
  • Jekyll-fied the theme to take advantage of Liquid theming capabilities
  • Added a _posts, _layouts, _includes, _scss folders
  • Componentized layouts with includes
  • Componentized configuration allowing for easy overrides and defaults
  • Changed to SCSS (instead of LESS)
  • Converted theme color to variables in SCSS
  • Added 404 page, also from Jekyll-now

Getting Started

  • Clone the project
  • Customize _config.yml
  • Unpublish existing _posts
  • Create your own posts in _posts (use existing content as an example)
  • Commit changes to either master branch for user/organization sites or gh-pages branch for project sites
  • Push to github
  • create a CNAME file in root if you setup a custom domain. See GHP help for more details.

About the Original Template

Grayscale is a multipurpose, one page HTML theme for Bootstrap created by Start Bootstrap. This template features various content sections and a Google Maps section with a custom map marker.

Getting Started

To use this template, choose one of the following options to get started:

  • Download the latest release on Start Bootstrap
  • Fork this repository on GitHub

Bugs and Issues

Have a bug or an issue with this template? Open a new issue on GitHub.

Copyright 2015 Michael Stewart. Copyright 2013-2015 Iron Summit Media Strategies, LLC. Code released under the Apache 2.0 license.