Drop-in replacement for Minima featuring Medium-inspired typography

Antisocial at a glance:

  • Medium-inspired Jekyll theme
  • Drop-in replacement for Minima, the default jekyll new theme
  • Compatible with GitHub Pages
  • Responsive design
  • Pagination support (optional)
  • No external fonts or scripts loaded
  • No built-in commenting support (it is called antisocial after all)


  1. Create a Jekyll site (if you haven't already)

  2. Edit _config.yml and makes sure jekyll-remote-theme is under plugins:

      - jekyll-remote-theme
  3. Also in _config.yml, add the following line:

    remote_theme: mkropat/jekyll-theme-antisocial

You can now create pages with the page and post layouts.


This is the best way I have come up with to work on the theme. Basically, take a site that uses the theme and temporarily modify it like so:

diff --git a/Gemfile b/Gemfile
--- a/Gemfile
+++ b/Gemfile
@@ -1,2 +1,3 @@
 source ''
 gem 'github-pages'
+gem 'jekyll-theme-antisocial', path: '/SOME/PATH/TO/jekyll-theme-antisocial'

diff --git a/_config.yml b/_config.yml
--- a/_config.yml
+++ b/_config.yml
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ plugins:
   - jekyll-remote-theme
   - jekyll-seo-tag
-remote_theme: mkropat/jekyll-theme-antisocial
+theme: jekyll-theme-antisocial
 # Site settings