Rebuilding my portfolio / blog using the Jekyll static site generator


My portfolio / blog (, built using the Jekyll static site generator.


This project requires an environment with ruby and node with npm.


This project relies on the global installation of the ruby gem jekyll and the npm package grunt-cli

Suggested install

npm install
npm install -g grunt-cli
gem install jekyll

Some grunt commands

Main environment tasks

  • grunt - Alias for grunt serve
  • grunt build - Compiles source files, then jekyll generates static site into the build folder,
  • grunt dist - Builds, then adds in asset minification & legacy stylesheet into the dist folder
  • grunt serve - triggers a grunt build then starts a connect server in the build folder, watches for changes to rebuild
  • grunt serve:dist - targets the dist folder instead of build
  • grunt test - runs tests (currently just an alias for eslint)

Some useful subtasks

  • grunt build:prep - Cleans the .tmp and build folders, then copies the basic app into .tmp
  • grunt build:css - Compile Sass into CSS and automatically adds the right vendor prefixes
  • grunt build:minify - Minifies all CSS and JavaScript, switches html to use minified source
  • grunt match_media - Generate legacy stylesheet

For a full list of tasks registered for this project, run grunt --help

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