A Jekyll template for podcasters

Jekyll podcast template

As the name implies, this is a Jekyll template for creating a podcast site.

It is based on the standard Jekyll template and lifted many ideas from—thanks for sharing!

What’s new

Apr. 24, 2018:

  • Add compatibility with new Google Search podcast functionality
  • Add optional Apple Splash Banner on iOS
  • Update Jekyll to 3.8.0
  • Add Bundler


  • Includes MediaElement out of the box for playing each podcast on its own page
  • iTunes-compatible RSS feed
  • Responsive design
  • One-stop shop for configuration

As much configuration as possible is located in the _config.yml file, so you should be able to get your site running by simply editing that file with your own information.

The included podcast has more instructions, so fire it up and listen.

Site setup

  • Edit _config.yml with your own information
  • Change img/hero.jpg to your own hero image. (Though you have permission to use the included file if you want.)
  • Change img/generic-2000.png to your own podcast art and tell _config.yml the name. (iTunes requires this image at 2,000 pixels square)
  • Edit to make it your own about page
  • (Optional) If you want to use Google Analytics, uncomment those lines in _includes/head.html and put in your own code

Episode setup

Podcasts live, creatively enough, in the podcasts directory. Make sure they are tagged mp3s.

Each podcast is a Jekyll post with extra metadata:

layout: post
permalink: episodes/X/ #X is the episode number
title: "Title of the episode"
excerpt: "The excerpts show up on the front page list."
date: 2015-02-07 12:00:00 #Make sure to include the hour stamp
media: episode-file.mp3 #Lives in the podcasts folder
length: 7552715 #Mp3 file length in bytes. Easiest to do a Get Info in the Finder if you're on a Mac
duration: "00:14:56" #Podcast length in hour:minute:second. Make sure to put the quotes
explicit: "no" #Gives you a chance to override the explicit rating by episode