A simple webcomic theme for Jekyll. Built using Bootstrap.

Webcomic Jekyll Theme

A simple webcomic theme for Jekyll, a static site generator. Built using Bootstrap.

This theme is meant to offer a free and relatively easy webcomic hosting solution for artists with little or no coding experience. Here's the user guide for this theme.

Using This Theme

STEP ONE: Install Jekyll

To use this theme, you'll need to install Jekyll. The easiest way to install Jekyll is to using RubyGems. Ruby Installation Guide.

Once you have Ruby installed, you can simply open up your Terminal and type

gem install jekyll

Here's the Jekyll Installation Guide if you need more info.

STEP TWO: Download the Webcomic Code

  1. Download this directory.
  2. Use Terminal to navigate to where you’ve saved the directory. Type jekyll serve into Terminal.
  3. If everything’s in the right place, Jekyll will serve the webcomic site to your local server! Paste into a browser to see it!

STEP FOUR: Add your content!

Read about using the code here.

Pushing to Github Pages

Github has a fantastic guide for creating a Github Page and pushing your code to live. Github Pages Guide I won't waste your time trying to duplicate it. When you're finished building your site, go ahead and try it!