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Paper resumes suck. This is a digital resume built in Jekyll using Google Web Starter Kit. See it live at

Modify it to your needs and build the code in Ruby with:

    bundle install
    jekyll build


While in college searching for post-graduation job, I built myself a digital resume in PHP that became popular. It looked cool, but was poorly executed.

Since then I try to build most basic sites in Jekyll, a static site generator written in Ruby. It has just enough features to be useful, but the generated sites are static.

There's a lot of Bootstrap code floating around, so I decided to try something a little different - Google's Web Starter Kit.


This project loosely uses Google's Web Starter Kit. I didn't do a good job of preserving the original code or making it maintainable, but it was fun to experiment with a different CSS framework.

The repo uses the jekyll-assets project to handle javascript and css. There is some custom scss in the _assets/stylesheets/custom.scss file.


Configure the basic parts of the website, including the name and description, using the _config.yml file.

Resume Sections

The resume has sections defined by the _data/sections.yml file. The name is the title of the section. The ID is a globally unique ID for the section that is used as a CSS id for the menu scroller. In addition, this specifies the name of the yml file in _data that the section pulls its data from. If you want to add or modify sections, this is the core file for resume logic. The layout specifies which layout in _includes/resume/ to use for the section - it is loosely a "macro," but I should refactor the implementation to use a correct Liquid macro.

Modify the data for each section in _data/ using YAML. The bullet sections support Markdown formatting, e.g. for links.


I deploy the files on AWS S3 using CircleCI (with Cloudflare as a CDN. It can also be easily hosted for free on Github Pages. Note that the circle.yml and files are unnecessary for Github Pages.

Next Steps

If you have changes to this repo, please open an issue or a pull request. Read the post introducing the project on my website, and follow me on twitter or join my mailing list to stay up-to-date with my latest projects.

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