Open Source version of the GitHub Pages theme, now for Jekyll. Demo at

Architect theme

This is a Jekyll theme that is an adaptation of @jasonlong's Architect theme on GitHub Pages.

This is the raw HTML and styles that are used for the Architect theme on GitHub Pages.

Getting Started


To install this theme, jekyll is required to be installed on your system. Head over to the docs and install the four requirements (Ruby, RubyGems, Node.js and Python 2.7). If you're on a Mac system, it's likely the only package you'll need to install is Node.js

Once you've installed the requirements, run this command in your terminal:

$ sudo gem install jekyll

You'll also need to install the bundler package:

$ sudo gem install bundler

Downloading and Installing the theme

Download the theme

Unzip it and use it as a regular jekyll folder.

$ unzip

Get inside the newly extracted folder

$ cd jekyll-architect-theme-master

Install the dependencies

$ bundle install

Use it!

$ jekyll serve


Some important configuration can be done in the file _config.yml. Please, check the Setup section in that file.


baseurl parameter is required in the case the site doesn't sit on the root of the domain. For example:

In the case above the baseurl should be set to "/jekyll-architect-theme".

In the case the site sits in the root, you can leave baseurl as empty "".

For more details read about Jekyll on its web page.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


To set up your environment to develop this theme, run bundle install.

You theme is setup just like a normal Jelyll site! To test your theme, run bundle exec jekyll serve and open your browser at http://localhost:4000. This starts a Jekyll server using your theme. Add pages, documents, data, etc. like normal to test your theme's contents. As you make modifications to your theme and to your content, your site will regenerate and you should see the changes in the browser after a refresh, just like normal.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.